Why Delta Epsilon Psi?

“We don’t turn boys into men, we turn men into leaders.” Our goals are structured both for the growth of the Fraternity and the individual. Additionally, our extensive social involvement and campus leadership allows us to stay on top of campus wide events. We aim to provide a basic network for members to succeed academically and to unite members closely to the community, transcending religious and regional barriers within our community, and creating an awareness of South Asian needs and problems to the community. Delta Epsilon Psi was not created to separate a group from the whole, but rather to instill the ideas of a whole into a body of unified men.

Training Leaders for the Future

Delta Epsilon Psi trains and develops leaders for the next generation. Our elusive network and mentoring give you the edge in development, and how to succeed. We teach you what it takes to organize your time, excel academically, and developing into an integral member of any community. Once you become a part of Delta Epsilon Psi, failure is no longer an option.

Greeks in Leadership Positions

All but two Presidents since 1825

76% of US Congressmen

70% of all physicians

85% of Fortune 500 Executives

Extensive Alumni Support To Gain A Competitive Advantage in the Job Market

The Alumni Network Association of Delta Epsilon Psi is ready to help you get your feet into the job market. Our Alumni are professionals in a wide range of fields such as Medicine, Business, Law, Engineering, and Arts and are employed with companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Halliburton, Compaq, HP, Nortel, Accenture, Calpine, Lockheed Martin, Reliant, IBM and many others. A number of Brothers can provide the inside hand to getting to where you want. Through our guidance, mentoring, and support network, you will have the proverbial upper hand.

Gaining the Academic Advantage

One of the main concerns of Delta Epsilon Psi is excelling in academics. We work together to help ensure academic excellence through the institution of group study sessions, tutoring, and the instilling of time management skills.

Do I have to be South-Asian?

There are Brothers in chapters of Delta Epsilon Psi all over the nation of non South-Asian descent including Hispanic, Asian, and African American. Delta Epsilon Psi stresses that it is a South Asian INTEREST Fraternity, which means that anyone who is interested in our goals, both Asian and non-Asian, are encouraged to join. The Founding Class of Alpha Eta Colony consists of South Asian men amongst Caucasian, Asian, and African American men, therefore this colony in particular holds diversity very dear as we believe it is through our diverse members that we grow professionally as men and leaders as well.

What is Recruitment Week?

Recruitment week is a structured one week period when we, the Brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi, host events where interested applicants can come out to various events to familiarize themselves with our organization. Nationwide, Delta Epsilon Psi is making history daily and one day, plans to be legendary amongst our schools and communities. To accomplish this, however, we will need men who share such a vision of success. If you feel that you can be a valuable asset to an organization or if you are willing and able to learn how to become a leader then, join us at our events.

Do I have to pay?

No. All events are free for prospective brothers.

Can I get a ride?

We will provide transportation for attendees to all of our events. Please contact the Rush Chair or any member for more information.

What is a bid?

A bid is an invitation to enter the pledge process and continue on the path to becoming a Brother. Bids are given at the end of Rush Week to men that the Brothers feel would be a good fit with our fraternity. You are not obligated to accept a bid if given one; Recruitment is non-committal.