In October of 1998, Delta Epsilon Psi became the first South Asian Service Fraternity in the nation. D.E.Psi prides itself in aiding individuals to reach their potential in the process of serving the needs of our community. Delta Epsilon Psi means more to us than simply another organization or club. Our fraternity is a family. Together we are driven to instill brotherhood, discipline, and commitment within our members through various social and service activities. We aim to provide a basic support network for members to succeed academically, to unite members within the community, to transcend religious and regional barriers within our community, and to create awareness of needs and problems to the community.

Delta Epsilon Psi was founded by those 18 individuals determined to mold their fraternity into a prominent organization not only in their campus, but also throughout the nation. Their ideals and principles would allow Delta Epsilon Psi to expand beyond the confinements of a stereotypical fraternity. Since there was no paradigm to steer them in the proper direction, they alienated the concept of conventional Greek life and implemented a new sense of giving back to the community. Delta Epsilon Psi was a result of similar thoughts, ideals, and values between eighteen young South Asian men at the University of Texas at Austin. Although they came from different backgrounds and viewpoints, these 18 men went on to become our 18 Founding Fathers with an unyielding passion to make Delta Epsilon Psi a success. Starting from scratch, with no template or working model to guide them, the Founding Fathers embarked on a journey they hoped would unite and strengthen their community.  Instilling brotherhood, discipline, and commitment into their future brothers was their vision.

The founders of Delta Epsilon Psi aspired to change the image of a fraternity not only at their campus but also throughout the nation. The same ideals and principles, by which they started this organization, are carried out at every chapter and colony across the nation and will continue to make an astounding impact all over the nation.

Delta Epsilon Psi was created on the founding principles of Brotherhood, Discipline, and Commitment. Since its establishment in 1998, these principles have guided the fraternity to creating young men who become the leaders of the future. It was the vision of our Founding Fathers to spread these principles to the young men across the nation in hopes to build a strong brotherhood that unites men of all cultures, religions and backgrounds. With determination and hard work, this fraternity has spread that brotherhood to young collegiate men from all over the nation.

Our goal is for members to develop self-confidence, leadership qualities, social skills, and a belief in the potential strengths of their abilities. One of the best qualities of Delta Epsilon Psi is the diversity of our members. We have successfully molded together different nationalities, cultures, and religions into an active group of influential students. Our eclectic collection of individuals and personalities gives D.E.Psi a very unique perspective on the various issues and problems facing our community today.

Delta Epsilon Psi structured its Mission Statement to promote the key principles that it believed would be important to turn its brothers into strong leaders. We look to continue and strengthen these views with the addition of young men from various backgrounds, but with an identical vision. Delta Epsilon Psi was not created to separate a group from the whole, but rather to instill the ideas of a whole into a body of unified men. And to this day, though membership has increased exponentially, the feeling of unity prevails over separation simply because the bonds that the brothers share with each other are built with integrity and support.

Since the idea of fraternities held a negative connotation to the majority of college students, Delta Epsilon Psi made it their mission to change that perspective.

During its first year of existence, Delta Epsilon Psi developed many of its principles and traditions which have been carried on to the present. These traditions and principles have inspired others to take up the call and develop chapters of their own at different colleges and universities throughout the nation. The fact that expansion has resulted in chapters across the nation proves that there are individuals present everywhere that are willing to hold and pass on the ideals that symbolizes Delta Epsilon Psi.

We believe our fraternity is like a family. Together we are driven to instill the virtues of brotherhood, discipline, and commitment within our members through various service and social activities. The brotherhood that is built as a member of Delta Epsilon Psi signifies how we work together as one unit rather than individuals. The discipline that is instilled in each brother is exemplified by our attitudes, deeds, and actions. Commitment is apparent in each brother in their pride in our organization and continuing belief its ideals values, and principles.