Delta Epsilon Psi provides an excellent Alumni Network which can be utilized to further the goals of its brothers.

Exclusive jobs require those with exceptional skills. Our Alumni are professionals in a wide range of fields such as Medicine, Business, Law, and Engineering, and are employed with some of the top companies in their respective fields. Through our guidance, mentoring, and support network, our brothers have the proverbial upper hand. Since 1998, the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi have also left their respected universities with careers in a plethora of fields. We believe that our Fraternity instills the necessary characteristics to succeed in every aspect of life. That complies hand in hand with our motto about turning men into leaders.

With an extensive network developed inside of Delta Epsilon Psi, we believe any opportunity is possible for our members. This wide reaching network allows brothers to realize the true potential for what the fraternity has to offer. One of our pillars is brotherhood, and it is demonstrated when each brother genuinely cares about the success of other brothers. Even during college, older brothers that are in the professional arena train younger brothers with the necessary skills for both their college careers and beyond. It is because of this that brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi are better prepared to face the real world then their fellow classmates. Our brothers are instilled with the skills, proficiencies, knowledge, and commitment necessary to succeed.

If you want to continue your education after college, Delta Epsilon Psi has brothers at some of the most prestigious graduate schools in the world. From Medical Schools to Law Schools you will have a connection no matter what field of study you pursue. Alumni and older brothers assist the younger brothers in interviews, exam preparation, and many other things vital for a successful future. Despite the fact that many of the brothers have graduated from college, many alumni are still very active in fraternity matters. Their presence is significant because they provide a real world perspective on how an organization should function.

Let Delta Epsilon Psi show you how it’s Alumni Network can help you become a successful individual in the career of your choice. Delta Epsilon Psi can point you in the right direction with the right people to get you where you want to go. Find out what our Alumni Network can do for you!